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10 years after the now cult classic album “The Starwheel”, Kammarheit finally offers us brand new material of his most complex work yet. Pär Boström returns with his typical atmospheres that are both apocalyptic in vision and soothing to the soul, delivering a dense and compelling album of pure, awe-inspiring darkness and meditative ambience. With The Nest, Pär takes us on a subterranean journey through enormous halls of unfathomable depths, and with the new opus he demonstrates once again why he’s become one of the most respected artist in dark ambient.
Edition of 800 copies in 4 panel Digipack. 9 Tracks. 48:00

1 Borgafjäll 2:35
2 Unsealed 6:25
3 Lower Halls 6:20
4 The Howl 2:51
5 Sphaerula 5:48
6 Hypogaeum 5:49
7 The Nest 5:50
8 Sung In Secret 5:31
9 Aeon     5:55


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