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Mount Shrine and Alphaxone group up on this collaborative album exploring the delicate bridge between reality and dreams. A soothing journey served through crackling field recordings, deep basses and harmonic textural padwork.

Here in the sacred recesses of the mind rests the never ending palace, where reality and dreams meet. Where rivers of trauma cleanse dirty drains. Where damp hallways and underpasses run through great libraries filled with every thought and emotion that has come to pass. Where the ancient gatekeepers protect the sacred grounds with swords of fire as dark tendrils slither their way towards the core of innocence.

Written, Produced, Performed
Cesar Alexandre & Mehdi Saleh

1. Beyond the Gates 07:12 video
2. Displacement 08:22
3. The Realms of Madmen 11:19
4. Ethereal Origins 10:35
5. The Theoretical Divide 08:51
6. NREM 09:58
7. Dream Chambers 06:12
8. Awakening 04:18 

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