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Atrium Carceri returns with Codex, an album 3 years in the making 

Dark drone, industrial beats and brooding choirs set the tone for exploration of a world beyond the illusion. 

"Deep in the roots of the citadel a sea of white robes ever flows. Those Fallen from Elysium kneel here, with blissful smiles and fearful eyes. 

The sorrowful melancholia of a thousand whispered prayers lies heavy about the place. Prayers for the Demiurge to return, and grant them once more the warm embrace of their paradise." 

1. The Void 04:35 
2. From Chasms Reborn 04:18
3. The Seer
4. A Memory Lost
5. The Empty Chapel
6. Path of Fallen Gods
7. The Ancient City
8. Sacrifice to the Machine
9. The Maze
10. A Hunger too Deep
11. The Citadel



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