PROTO U Khmaoch CD

PROTO U Khmaoch CD

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Sasha returns with her second solo album on Cryo Chamber. Crafted in the Kiev high rise and the Black Room Studio. 

Exploring eastern esoteric traditions this will take you on a voyage through old civilization. The crackling sound of incense fills ancient ruins. A solitary flute by Ivan Ioanov leads you through dim lit passageways underneath. Deep drone summons forgotten spirits as lush noise of mother earth calms the soul. The contrast of dark and light on this album serves an enlightening experience.

1. Bridge of Storms 05:17 
2. Stygian Vortex 08:01
3. Skar Mekh 06:32
4. Voices of the Water 05:00
5. Pel 04:00
6. Dai Robsa Preah 10:00
7. Stones in Snow 07:00

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