FIRST LAW Velochrome CD

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The second full length album from the year 2001 is the continuation of the velochrome recordings that started with the First Law material contributed to the legendary V.A. SATURN GNOSIS 2x10inch. Voices from the edge of hearing, whispering ambient soundscapes and symphonielements building deep organic compositions that blend beautifully into a grand enigmatic atmosphere of winding darkness blowing through controlled cycles. LOKI 27

1 Master Of The Universe 6:09
2 Theme For An Imaginary Skinflick 3:46
3 A Narrow Path 4:42
4 Who's Innocent? 3:48
5 The Other Side Of The Sun 3:55
6 Seven Heads 4:56
7 Velochrome -1 To 2 18:06
8 Despite Our Illusions / Hallway IX 5:48
9 And Hell Freezes Over 9:09


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