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Caldon Glover presents their second album on Cryo-Chamber: Metrophagy, a post-cyberpunk reflection on the cognitive dissonance between our ever advancing civilization and the true nature of growth and decay. The album does not to evoke an imagined advanced future dystopia, but the very real dystopia of now, steeped equally in instant connectivity and rampant disconnection. 

Metrophagy: The act of consuming cities.

Pale washes of florescent light and the hum of air conditioning disguise the city as separate from nature, but the separation of our technological utopia and the natural world is an illusion, a barrier maintained only in our minds. Under those florescent lights swarms of mosquitos, the last great predator of human kind, are caught in spiders webs. Roots grow through the concrete under our feet. 
The least natural impulse of humanity is to fight decay, we fill in cracks and send out an ever expanding network of glass and copper tendrils, but this thing we call decay is truly growth; mold breaks down matter to create cradles for new life, hyphae wrap around our fiber optic networks, our corpses feed forests. Our city is being eaten out from under us because we refuse to believe ourselves a part of this cycle.


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