ANTLERS MULM Weihnachtsfunk 4 MC

ANTLERS MULM Weihnachtsfunk 4 MC

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The "Weihnachtsfunk 4" is a tape (MC/C80/2x40min). It contains 9 tracks: 8 on the a-side and one on b. The one track of the b-side is an instrumental loop called "WF4-Schleife". The tape is wrapped in oiled paper, around it a banderole and at last this ensemble is housed in a heavy cardboard slipcase (500 grammatur).
Numbered and limited to 120 units.


1. die alte Finsternis
2. allheim
3. ohne grimm und hast
4. im tiefen weiss
5. für eine neue zeit
6. hohe türme
7. raureifsilber
8. in die weiten wirbel

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