PROTO U Echoes of the Future CD

PROTO U Echoes of the Future CD

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Sasha further explores the themes of her collaboration album Earth Songs. While her album "Khmaoch" explored the roots of civilization and "The Edge of Architecture" probed into the future of the modern age, "Echoes of the Future" guides us in taking our final steps to leave Earth. 

The space center sleeps as the sound of your boots echo down endless hallways. Rocket fuel reeks from the colonization ships outside, one more to go. You steal one final look at the charred horizon as you enter the last ship bound for a new home. 

Do we deserve a second chance? 

A deep space ambient album that invites you to take part in the discovery of cosmic anomalies and abandoned space stations in search of a new home. 

1. Gone 05:35 
2. Interlinked 08:43
3. 43258D 10:00
4. Drawings of Nebula 05:46
5. Transmissions 09:50
6. Hounds of the Void 10:00
7. Vessels of God 08:09

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