V.A. Behind the Canvas of Time CD (atrium, desiderii, lamia vox)

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Eldar De Ignibus Caelestibus     4:49
Sjellos Transcend 3:39
Svartsinn & Gydja  Terrenum Corpus 7:25
Desiderii Marginis  The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters 7:30
Asbaar     Ahor Bahur 7:10
Atrium Carceri     Frozen Headlights 4:00
Halgrath Abandoned For Centuries 7:26
Cryobiosis Departure     5:50
Dahlias Tear* When The Skies Turn Black 4:53
Lamia Vox The Prophecy     6:45
Sabled Sun Tranquility     3:08

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