ABBILDUNG All Demons Are Horned CD

ABBILDUNG All Demons Are Horned CD

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ABBILDUNG's 10th years anniversary CD entitled 'All Demons Are Horned' puts together probably the best work so far from the Romanian sound artist. Spanning over 3 years in the making, the release takes you to a transcendental journey through finely crafted, dark ambient soundscapes, mystic drones with a touch of oriental inspired music." 

This is an incredibly interesting release from ABBILDUNG, utilising a broad, and sometimes brave, use of sounds, field recordings and voices within this genre. This is a release that is pushing at the boundaries of ambient and taking it so much further. The tracks are exquisitely crafted pieces that at times are tinged with fusions of an oriental journey, propelling you through harsh atmospheric re-entry or simply leaving the listener alone to drift in absolute solitude. The opening track drags you in from the very first moments, taking you on a dark journey and eventually pulling you through to the other side. Whether that outcome is one of light or dark only the listener can decide. 

The album was mastered in May 2015 @ "Cruel Sound Works". All field recordings, dark ambience, voices, music and sound sculpting by Casian Stefan.

1 Niim    12:26
2 Devia    3:33
3 Usdeno 10:36
4 Anthropocosmos & Dark Aum 9:13
5 Srater & Two-Sphere 12:37
6 Abrasi 7:54
7 Bonus Track: Gliseii 4:52

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