MOUNT SHIRE Winter Restlessness CD

MOUNT SHIRE Winter Restlessness CD

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Mount Shrine (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) serves us a warm and inviting ambient album. 

Rain pounds the temple as you look out across snowy mountains from a lotus position. A wet furred hare seeks refuge beside you, curious about the kettle of hot tea that rests at your side. 

A distress call led you here, transmitted to a frequency on your Ham radio. The journey here was long and filled with majestic sights. Isolated villages, melting snow in forgotten valleys, the robed order of the silent all calmed your mind. The rolling fog followed you every step of the way to enlightenment. 

Recommended for lovers of subtle field recordings and sleep ambient. Warm, inviting and atmospheric. Best enjoyed with a cup of hot beverage on a rainy day.

1. Winter Restlessness 10:09 video
2. Moon's Distrust 05:42
3. The Silence Between Our Houses 11:44
4. Foggy Deck 07:18
5. Lifeless Indoors 13:42
6. Exile 08:46

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