CONTROL A World of Lies CD

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Control “World of Lies” album, that came out c. 15 years ago. There was couple albums between this and Algolagnia. I suggested artist, that what if he would intentionally break the template a bit, of course not completely abandon his style, but my suggestion was to make first vinyl LP of Control, and my hopes was that it would be a bit noisier, a bit less complex, more harsh and direct, a bit more upfront mix of vocals. Kind of capture the aggression we could see in live settings during these years. It felt like LP format would be ideal for it, as it would benefit from more stripped down approach and less massive sub-bass levels and stereo efx that work best on CD.

As a result, World of Lies happened. It was certainly all Thomas Garrison’s vision, and 100% Control, but indeed mentioning possibility that what I would hope for, resulted Control doing one of his most aggressive and fierce albums!

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