BAD SECTOR Live At Maschinenfest 2015 MC (lim. 150)

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for more than two decades, massimo magrini aka bad sector has succeeded in spellbinding fans of all kinds of eclectic electronic music. may it be industrial beats or ambient - his musical creations range from simply beautiful soundscapes to pulsations that will grip and energize your entire body. minimal arrangements of distorted bleeps and clicks, distant voice samples and radio recordings of numbers, technical terms or alike blend with farreaching pads, infinitely stretched with massive reverb - thereby generating the impression of moving like a cosmonaut through open space. the reductionistic creations however do not lack complexity by any means, as each sound is allowed to unfold, maximizing each instruments power. the incredible portfolio of bad sector is now topped by raubbau’s release of his live performance at maschinenfest 2015. a perfectly balanced mix of every facet bad sector has to offer.

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