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Metatron Omega presents us his 6th dark choir fueled album with Kataphasis. Gregorian choirs and droning chants enlighten the darkness.

"Since the beginning of time, humanity has been driven by a primal thirst for knowledge and a desire to comprehend the ultimate truth of existence. This unending quest has led Mankind to explore the frontiers of the universe and probe the boundaries of the material world. The monk-hermit seeks to transcend the limitations of the mortal realm and find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. Through kataphatic meditation, prayer and contemplation, he strives to connect with a spiritual reality that overarches the physical world. He finds light within himself, yet he senses that it is not his - it penetrates through the veil of spacetime from the Unknown Source deep beneath the layers of all Existence."

Recommended for fans of dark choirs, cathedral reverberations and grimdark atmospheres.

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