CONTROL Misanthrope CD

CONTROL Misanthrope CD

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Label info: This new release of Thomas Garrison's CONTROL project is not only a solid work, it is absolutely recommended! If you like simplifying descriptions: this is High-Quality Power-Electronics, but not only. CONTROL is a style for itself. The third release in a row of excellence - different artworks and labels, but the contents all of the same quality-standard. Great vocals like ever! I have to get much more deeper into it, still. All in all it's just a first impression , but I had expected it nt being only highpitchedfrequencies+noise. Very varied effects offer enjoyable listening, instead... If you're intoCONTROL, here is another addition to this great music-project! (BTW, I had searched over three weeks for "degenerate"-mag-interview and nearly ordered that mag a second time - just to read the interview with Thomas again...)

1 Last Breath 6:24
2 Just To Kill 6:08
3 Malice 5:48
4 Murder Epidemic 5:55
5 Hatred 5:45
6 Watch You Wait 6:02
7 Sexual Predator 5:25
8 Misanthrope 6:09
9 Submission 5:29

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