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Four "Drones" on one record! Volume SIX (MIND-06) is OUT NOW (Nov. 2017) and features: 

NAM-KHAR: (Germany): A German collective being influenced by Tibetan philosophy, working in the 'old school' way using analogue electronics and original instruments from the Far East, for the first time on vinyl. The two conjoined tracks consist of dense analogue expanses that wave and move minimally, sparse metallic object sounds and wheezing winds, plus delicate percussion. Very best ethno ambient drone! 
MARKIAN VOLKOV (Italy): This completely anonymous project from Italy excites with hypno-percussive, tribalesque and droning ritual industrial, repetitive structures and samples immersing into echoes and electronic noises with great effect. The two tracks presented share a most captivating tension and power. 
FOR KINGS AND QUEENS (Germany): After some very promising self-released CD-R's the long track 'Grenzland' (borderland) is the first vinyl appearance for this Berlin-based project [a couple with a professional opera singer], - a deeply surrealistic soundscape with layers of high-pitched sinus tone drones and waves, unreal female voices appear and slowly metallic drones burst in and whirring shortwave radio sounds. 
Welcome to the borderlands of reality... 
KEVIN DURR: (USA): Field recordings of water (streams, rain and environment) and vocal whispers seem to be the only sound sources for two highly suggestive, almost caressing nature drone pieces, transformed through clever processing. KEVIN DURR hails originally from Alaska and has been active in various musical project and genres before, before he started the 'water drone' project with a series of of tracks using especialy water sounds combined with binaural recordings techniques and ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridican Response) = two most subtle and fascinating acoustic landscapes. 

Amazing cover-art by TILMANN BENNINGHAUS with true 3D effect (using extra golden pantone colour), comes on BLUE-VIOLET TRANSPARENT VINYL, as usual two existent paintings by British artist PETE GREENING have been used (www.redbubble.com/people/petegreening); lim. 400 copies. 

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