PETER BJÄRGÖ Animus Retinentia CD

PETER BJÄRGÖ Animus Retinentia CD

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 3rd full length album by ARCANA / SOPHIA mastermind Peter Bjärgö. On his solo works we hear the perfect blend of his previous incarnations where dreamy piano parts, rhythmic percussions and his now trade mark guitar, all blended into perfection. Solemn vocals filled with lyrics of distress and mournfulness lull us into the nether. Filled with nostalgia and longing of a lost world, "Animus Retinentia" forms a threshold into another world where glimpses of light always shine through. A splendid follow up to his previous solo works and dare we say, his best yet.

Edition of 500 copies in 6 panel Digipack. 11 Tracks. Running Time 45:55

1 You Let The Light Shine Through     4:07
2 Stillhet     1:52
3 To Replace My Sadness     3:46
4 Grains     2:22
5 Where Night Is Eternal     3:15
6 As Rain Falls     2:49
7 Memories     3:49
8 Transcend Time     5:15
9 Memories II     4:08
10 From Agony     4:07
11 Sleep Dep.Loop2     10:01

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