MASSIMO MAGRINI Wanderwaves CD (lim.123)

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6panel digifile
Sounddesign by
Massimo Magrini
Artwork & Painting by
Francesco Barbieri
In the two years 2018-2019, I carried out special recording sessions in the cities of Lucca and Pisa, strolling through the streets with equipment capable of capturing the surrounding electromagnetic perturbations (ELF, VLF), due to the massive presence of electrical and electronic devices, in which we are constantly and unconsciously immersed. Listening to these sounds live was a very interesting experience, the system used was able to reveal an otherwise invisible (indeed, inaudible) urban sound environment. The increased, artificial sensory capacity was able to provide different connotations and new levels of reading to the surrounding space.

During 2020-2021, when the memory of the experience had already been defined and reshaped, I decided to reassemble and rearrange these sounds in more defined soundscapes, avoiding the temptation to introduce artificial elements extraneous to the basic concept, like rhythms and melodic inserts. These definitive tracks are now collected in this work.
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