TROUM Symbiosis LP

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First ever vinyl reissue of TROUM's Symbiosis EP, with unreleased extra track

The original Symbiosis CD EP was released in January 2003 as a limited edition in a handmade 3D pyramid-box (200 copies) as Transgredient TR-02. An additional standard edition came in a stickered & handcoloured cardboard cover with obi (more copies). The 5 tracks were recorded from May 2000 – August 2002 and consisted of guitar-only solo pieces by both members. Forming a unity out of singularities, merging the contradictions, this first re-issue has an additional unreleased bonus track, a reworking of older material recorded with the same approach. Finalized in march 2023.

Troum is a duo located in Bremene, Germany, established in early 1997. The two members Gli[S]ch and Baraka[H] were active before in the influential ambient industrial group Maeror Tri which existed from 1988 to 1996. "Troum" is the old German word for “dream". The dream seen as a central manifestation of the unconscious symbolizes the aim of Troum to lead the listener into a hypnotizing dream-state of mind, a pre-verbal and primal consciousness sphere.
Troum have played live extensively and collaborated internationally with numerous releases on different labels around the globe. 

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