CYCLES II Cyclic Law's 20th Anniversary Label Sampler 2xCD

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In celebration of our 20th year as a label, we've gathered 22 artists on 20 tracks, all graciously presenting us exclusive and unreleased material. Featuring AJNA, ASCENDING DIVERS, ASHTORETH, BECKAHESTEN, CURSE ALL KINGS, DESIDERII MARGINIS, FUNERARY CALL, KAMMARHEIT, LEILA ABDUL-RAUF, NERATERRÆ & DØDSMASKIN, NEW RISEN THRONE & CORONA BARATHRI, NORDVARGR, ØJERUM, SHEDIR, SHRINE, SOPHIA, SUTEKH HEXEN, TAPHEPHOBIA, VISIONS and VORTEX. We’d like to dedicate this release to our worldwide supporters who’ve made this 20 year venture possible and to all artists involved throughout the years, whom with their unique approach to atmospheric music, have helped create the aural world that is Cyclic Law. Artwork imagery is by our close collaborator and friend Kristina Feldhammer.

Double CD Edition of 500 copies in 6 panels Digisleeve with 180x120mm poster, matt lamination. 20 Tracks.

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