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Two years after "An Occasion For Death", Andrew Grant's The Vomit Arsonist returns with a vengeance with his second full length for Malignant, "Only Red". Inspired and galvanized by Brighter Death Now's US shows in 2014, Grant's latest takes on an even more visceral and dynamic feel than works past, and is unquestionably the heaviest thing he's ever done. If An Occasion for Death showed moments of self discipline and hints of subtlety, no such restraint exists here, as everything about this record feels amped up to an entirely new realm of intensity. This is The Vomit Arsonist in full attack mode, as explosive and bludgeoning percussion loops emerge from a churning, monolithic pit of corrosive electronics, menacing transformer buzz, chain dragging atmospherics, and gasping machine exhalations. Throw in a heavy dose of processed, acidic vocals and the whole record becomes an adrenaline fueled ride,wrought with tension, extreme nihilism, and palpable hostility. With Only Red, Grant has laid down a new flag at the summit of an already impressive catalog. Final track is a remix of Go Without featuring Kristoffer Oustad. In 6 panel digipak, mastered by John Stillings.

"Only Red is a dark, moody work able to draw on convention and coax forth new sounds, constantly pushing back boundaries and redrawing the boundaries of death industrial. Stomping power electronics, wispy dark ambient and unrelenting noise come together in Grant’s most successful balancing act yet, and perhaps his first moment of real greatness". Toilet ov Hell.

1 Choice 7:24
2 Only Red 6:42
3 Nothing Matters 4:55
4 It Just Is     6:33
5 I'm Not Fine     5:13
6 No One Can Help You     5:52
7 Unwelcome Peace     3:55
8 GW(RDX)  Remix [Assembled By] – Kristoffer Oustad 8:00

Malignant Records

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