YIG - A Cryo Chamber Collaboration 2xCD

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A 2 hour dark soundscape album recorded by over 20 ambient artists to pay tribute to H.P. Lovecraft. 

Dream of snake cults and ancient temples as the venom takes hold. Follow the seers in hallucinogenic slumber and transcend significance. 

"Lord Yig, spare us Your torments. Spare us Your venoms and Your blights. Spare us the wrath of Your twisted children. Spare us the impregnations of Your fangs, the planting of Your seeds in the wombs of our women folk. Spare us the abominations of Your spawn, the rigours of Your tyranny in the distorted adjuncts of Your suffering. 
Give us the means by which to flee the strangulations of their warping bodies, the grip of their obliterating crush on the circulations of our life stuffs. Spare us from the transmutations of the hours of killing, when the bodies prosper in the fragrance of their downfall, within the pungencies of their rots. 

Written, Produced, Performed collaboratively: 

Dronny Darko 
In Quantum 
Dead Melodies 
Atrium Carceri 
Beyond the Ghost 
God Body Disconnect 
Randal Collier-Ford 
Council of Nine 
Dahlia's Tear 
Lesa Listvy 
Creation VI 
Aegri Somnia 
Ager Sonus 
Ruptured World 

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