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1 Wish Of The Flayed    4:14
2 Shadow Of Hope Diminishing    11:10
3 Isfahanic Sheikh    12:44
4 Anti And A AK-47    1:56
5 Muta Safavid    7:58
6 Hafizz Maidan    2:49
7 Lozenge Motif    2:46
8 Abode Of Turquoize    4:32
9 Rust Blue Qashqa    4:40

Limited edition of 300 copies in a jewel case. 

Recorded on Sunday June 2nd 1996. 
This album was given on cassette to Steven Wilson the day after it was recorded and was never sent to any label. 

Tracks 1 and 9 previously released (track 9 in an edited version) on "Tajik And Persian Blind" (CD2 of the set Fatah Guerrilla) as follows: 
Wish Of The Flayed = Shishla Nain Royal Bidjar 
Rust Blue Qashqa = Imam Shamil 1837

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