UGASANIE Border of Worlds CD

UGASANIE Border of Worlds CD

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Ugasanie is back with a new album focused on the people of the Tundra and the North.

The Nenets, Tungus, Eveneki, Yakut share many beliefs and in the center stands the shaman. We follow him through his inner journey while tackling shaman's disease. Clouded consciousness and hysterical stupor clear signs of the Amanita Mushroom. His sweat covered body feverish while pulled to the lower world of spirit. Here his weathered body cut and torn to pieces by the spirits who cook and devour it. Meanwhile in the dim lit hut the shamans body starts bruising while the tribe watches over him. Reborn, the Shaman awakens, granted powers to traverse between worlds. With the gift to cure his tribe of sickness, to control animals and commune with the spirits.

1. White Death 03:43
2. Over the Tundra 04:02
3. Obfuscation 04:43
4. My Mother-Beast 05:57
5. On the Branches of the Sacred Larch 06:36
6. Initiation 06:09
7. North Breath 05:00
8. Way of Amanita 07:50
9. In Cold Arctic Winds 05:58
10. Endless Winter 05:06

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