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Box comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard and include inside 

: six records on 140 gr black vinyl with total black label and total black inner sleeve 

: six deluxe cover Lp with different artwork for each title 

: each single record inside box package in a clear plastic sleeve to protect from shelf wear and damage 

: sixteen pages booklet in A5 size, perfect replica of original artwork 

: two yellow sheets replica of cover tape box 

: A4 sized insert with new credits in luxury 160 gr ivory paper 

: two exclusive Marco Corbelli's photographs from family archive 

Strictly limited to 199 hand numbered copies with dedication to Marco. 

Before Spoiling
A –Iugula-Thor    Before Spoiling     Glomerular
B –Sshe Retina Stimulants    Glomerular    

Anatomy Of A Psycho
C1 –Atrax Morgue    When I Close My Eyes I See Blood    
C2 –Atrax Morgue    Show Me Your Cunt    
C3 –Atrax Morgue    The Nightstalker    
C4 –Atrax Morgue    Your Beautiful Eyes    

D1 –Murder Corporation    Destructive Locomotion    
D2 –Murder Corporation    Weapons Of Disruption    

Little Contradictions Of Our Wonderful Society
E1 –Diktat    Generation - X(crement)    
E2 –Diktat    Lobo / TV / Mized    
E3 –Diktat    Who / What's Immoral?    
E4 –Diktat    Exploit Minorities
E5 –Diktat    Ultimatum    
E6 –Diktat    Hallelujah (The Pope Is Dead)    

The Murders In Florence
F –Discordance    The Murders In Florence    

G –Surgical Stainless Steel    Cunt    

Misogynist Lust
H1 –Taint    Laura Smithers    
H2 –Taint    Ultra: Wackelpeter / Dirty Blonde Whore    
H3 –Taint    Street Meat    
H4 –Taint    Whoremonger    
H5 –Taint    Vivisection Of A Lovely Young Woman    
H6 –Taint    Sluttish    

I1 –Deathpile    Crack Whore Trash    
I2 –Deathpile    Bitch Butchery    
I3 –Deathpile    Destroy All Women    
I4 –Deathpile    Childfucker (Atrax Morgue)    
I5 –Deathpile    Beaten And Fucked    
I6 –Deathpile    Crippled Cunt    

The Die Song
J1 –Slogun    Victims    
J2 –Slogun    ...In Pain    
J3 –Slogun    Danny Boy    
J4 –Slogun    It's In Me    
J5 –Slogun    Rise For Me    
J6 –Slogun    For Heather    

Sotto Gli Occhi Dell'Assassino
K –Skin Crime    Sotto Gli Occhi Dell'Assassino    

Pattern Of Human Erradication
L1 –Bacillus    Dying Slowly From Internal Decay    
L2 –Bacillus    Necrotic Expulsion    
L3 –Bacillus    Ultimate Outbreak, Panic Ensues    
L4 –Bacillus    Mutiny In The Body    
L5 –Bacillus    Get Set (For Earth's Retaliation)    
L6 –Bacillus    You Deserve Your Microbal Fate    
L7 –Bacillus    Escalating Diseased Body Count    
L8 –Bacillus    Ineffectual Quarantine Measures    
L9 –Bacillus    Blood Orifice Excretion    
L10 –Bacillus    Global Population Extinction    

Recorded At – The House Of Liberties
Recorded At – SweetSlaughter
Recorded At – Murderhouse
Recorded At – The Traitorstudio
Recorded At – Not An Exit
Recorded At – The Best Little Whorehouse In The World
Recorded At – Blood Processing Laboratories
Mixed At – The Traitorstudio

Compiled By – Marco Corbelli
Mastered By – Cristiano Renzoni
Performer – Mark Solotroff (tracks: G), PO* (tracks: K), SS* (tracks: K)
Performer, Recorded By – Jonathan Canady (tracks: I)
Vocals [All], Noises [All Noise] – Taint (tracks: H)

"The Italian/American Powerelectronics Massacre. 4 hours and 36 minutes of violent entertainment." 

Iugula-Thor recorded at the House of Liberties, 1997. 
Sshe Retina Stimulants recorded at the House of Liberties, 1997. 
Atrax Morgue tracks improvised on 01-07-97 at SweetSlaughter, Sassuolo. 
Murder Corporation recorded at Murderhouse between 1996-1997. 
Diktat recorded and mixed at the Traitorstudio, Pisa (Italy), during May '97. 
Discordance recorded/mixed May '97 - Dolby B on. 
Surgical Stainless Steel performed June-July 1997. 
Taint recorded 1997. 
Deathpile performed and recorded June-July 1997 at Not An Exit. 
Slogun recorded in Bensonhurst April/May, 1997. 

Skin Crime recorded July 13th, 1997 at The Best Little Whorehouse in the World. 
Bacillus recorded July 1997 at Blood Processing Laboratories. 


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