DEAD MELODIES Legends of the Wood CD

DEAD MELODIES Legends of the Wood CD

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Dead Melodies (UK) releases his Cryo Chamber debut with Legends of the Wood. A melancholic journey on the isle of mist. 

The hearth warms your bones as you peer out the crosshatch window. The damp morning dew forms translucent drops on the knee high grass. Whatever was out there last night seems gone but the birds are not yet singing and the animals still hiding. You pull your trekking boots on and head out the gnarled door, leaving the heat of the lonely cabin behind. 

Save the faint caw of a crow from up in the canopy, the forest lay silent; Devil's Hill looms in the distance. Through crooked trees you go as the headache hits you and flashes from last night come flooding back; Hooded figures. Blood. The sacrifice! Through clenched teeth you gaze down at the compass in your hand. The needle spinning faster and faster. Anxiously, you look back for the cabin, but it's gone. Gone! Devil's Hill dominates where it once stood, only one way to go. 

Lush field recordings, detailed soundscapes and melancholic melodies drench this album in atmosphere. For lovers of high fidelity dark ambient. 

1. A Trial of Crows and Blood 06:53 
2. On Devil's Hill 04:43
3. The Hooded Nine 06:57
4. Peach Black Descent 06:02
5. Unearthed 04:03
6. A Malevolent Rising 04:53
7. Wretched Masquerade 06:52
8. Beautiful Coalesce 07:18

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