INADE / CIRCULAR The Saturnine Broadcasting 2xCD lim.200

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In June 2020 INADE and CIRCULAR were invited to join an independent broadcasting network and perform an online concert within a new conceptual live series called Art & Paranoia. We decided to prepare a label showcase and perform some exclusive live sets with some classics and tracks that have never been performed. The majority of our releases have always been marked by contradictions in their depiction, invoking an expansive array of meanings; encompassing positive, creative facets – such as depth, imagination, and bursts of genius – as well as dark qualities -including gloominess, despondency and isolation. Time was not on our side, and due to circumstances out of our hands the showcase got cancelled. 


Saturnine art defers identity and becomes a figure for a pessimistic embodiment of melancholy as the transformative soul. 

We performed and recorded both exclusive live sessions without audiences on the 6th of June 2020 at the Light Channel. The sound design of the live recording conceals a very special energy and floats into an aural maelstrom to guide the listener and also the artists into a transcendent cosmic state of agitation, full of kinetic structures, bizarre shapes and titanic sculptures. The recordings on both compact discs are the result of this special evening, reflecting and banishing the energy of early summer 2020.

Lim. 200 copies. 


01 Über dem All
02 The Innermost Sun
03 A Midnight Profound
04 Reimbodiment
05 Signal
06 With the Flood to Light
07 Hoel Dhat
08 Kwa Non Seh


01 The Glowing Shapes
02 Spectrum Unfolding
03 A Wideness
04 Abstract and Vertical
05 Deep in Red Contrast
06 A Visual Rhythm
07 The Iconic Circle
08 Into the Deepest Currents
09 Eclipse Unveiled/Swirling Around the Cuboid/In Grey
10 Golden Amber Shades

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