BLOOD BOX Funeral In An Empty Room CD

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Seven years after the highly acclaimed Iron Dream CD (Eibon) and 14 years after the CD debut, A World of Hurt (Malignant/Katyn), Blood Box finally returns with a new album, Funeral In An Empty Room. As one part of revered dark ambient project Yen Pox, Michael JV Hensley is certainly no stranger to creating epic and immersive soundscapes, and with Funeral In An Empty Room, he has yet again meticulously crafted another highly detailed, intensely atmospheric work. Awash in slow, dreamlike waves of morphing textures, and blissfully unfurling cosmic drift, this is nothing less than an aural vision down the hypnotic path to the unknown; serene yet gloomy, with multiple layers of swelling tones, subdued melodies, and ominous, spacey effects. (LOKI/PaS 29)


1 Wither And Fade 9:54
2 The Celestial Abyss 8:18
3 Battles Beneath The Earth 10:51
4 Armies Of The Midnight Sun 9:42
5 Far Beyond The Silent Sea 9:20
6 Ghost Procession 10:50
7 Oracle Of Babylon 8:19
8 The Stain 11:04






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