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Alphaxone (Iran) and Dronny Darko (Ukraine) join forces on this mysterious album. 

The fog hangs heavy over the emptied town as you make your way down the crest overlooking the ocean. The streets lie silent but for the subtle click of a stoplight juggling colors. Your hand disappears into the thick fog here and the smell of sulfur from the nearby factory feeds your head. Something about this place feels wrong. 

Damp thuds spins you around towards the misty outskirts of the beach town. A white horse disappears into the hills and behind it a trail of other animals flee after it. And then it booms, the sound of the fog horn rolls in from the black ocean and echoes off the buildings, the stoplight sways. Silence afterwards, ear shattering. 
The old man was right, they're coming for us! 

Alphaxone's smooth pads and deep bass meets Dronny Darko's long form drone and ethereal reverbs in this trip into the fog. For lovers of evolving drone soundscapes. 

1. Beginning 05:55 
2. Immersion 04:09
3. Enter The Gates 06:00
4. The First Convolution 06:40
5. Dissolution Of Thought 04:57
6. In Between 05:48
7. Approaching 05:30
8. Outlying 06:11

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