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The last entry in the apocalyptic series, the accumulation of events that has brought the listener to this point, Promethean is the closing chapter of the worlds transformation. 

Promethean picks up years after the event of The Architects destructive era of eradication, as well as the years of darkness and reflection within the Remnants album. The album opens with a transmission from an unnamed wanderer, facing down the sight of an opening maw in the Earth, speaking of his next destination; his search for answers. The album takes him, and the listener, through a new world, a reshaped world, with new eyes to see what remains, what was, what will be. Until he reaches his final destination, his final transformation, the point in time to change his path forever. 

Promethean is a multilayered effort to tell an overarching storyline, through multiple timelines and multiple realities. To allow the listener to dive deep into each tracks meaning in their symbolism, how they tie the album together, as well as the series. 

1. The Breach 05:18
2. Watching Eden Burn 03:42
3. Flesh Reconstitution 05:23
4. Apotheosis (feat. Northumbria) 08:05
5. Arc of Thralls 05:16
6. Reverence of Wounds (feat. Simon Heath) 05:10
7. The Fruitless Lands Pt II (Live Excerpt Redux) 06:34
8. And Hell Followed 01:49
9. Rebirth Through Fire 03:16

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