BAD SECTOR Anthology 3xLP/2xCD

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Limited 80 copies, from Latvian label.

3xLP collector's edition, comes with 2 CDs, A3 poster in gatefold"

Digitally announced as "Listener's edition"

from sleeve:
"A1: Toroidal Body (2000), A2: BadBox (2001) [not stated correct, this shorter version appeared first on Storage Disk 1], A3: Ampos (CD reissue, 2002)
B1,B2: Dolmen Factory (1998), B3: Polonoid (1998)
C1: Viva Italia (2017), C2-C3: Reset / Rebis Periferiche (2005), C4: The Harrow
D1: Kosmodrom / Kosmodrom Extra Tracks (2006), D2-D3-D4: Kosmodrom (2005)
E1: unreleased, E2-E3: Storage Disk 3 (2016)
F1-F2: Cephus (2015), F3-F4: Chronoland (2011), F5: unreleased

These tracks belong to albums produced several years apart from each other,
and may differ not only in style but also in production quality."

The 3 black vinyls were issued in black polylined inner sleeves with 2 CDs in protection sleeves and a A3 Poster packaged in a LP sleeve made out of 100% recycled material.

from digital release site:
A complete compendium of the project in 25 years of activity, in a
selection of tracks from 1997 to 2022, remastered in a 3 LP edition."

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