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1. Ghostwood 04:10
2. Watching The Storm Crows 05:03
3. Transformed Through Alienation 03:24
4. Ghost Of Him 06:16
5. Hospital Ward 02:41
6. Unwanted Visitors 03:27
7. Thunder Over The Boardwalk 06:19
8. The Other World Doesn't Exist - Part I 04:40
9. A Bitter Alternative 06:16
10. Fragility, Secrets And Revelations 03:00

New deeply introspective album by Norway’s Taphephobia. Opting for a slightly cleaner sonic palette than previous releases using less processed sounds and a more natural sounding approach to his guitar work, Ketil Soraker pushes what is now considered as Taphephobia's signature sound. In the vein of his previous Cyclic Law release “Escape From The Mundane Self”, we are submerged in a skillful combination of lush ambient guitar passages, sonic abstractions and processed flute. “Ghostwood” is a most personal hymn to experiencing the solace of the northern forest. Artwork by NIHIL. 

Edition of 300 Copies in 4 panel Digipak. 10 Tracks. Running Time 45:37

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