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Paleowolf is the side project of Scorpio V of Metatron Omega.
A prehistoric journey from before civilization made it's mark on the world. Archaic drums echo through the riparian forests. Thick smoke from bonfires snake their way over charred and painted skulls, the spoils of war from opposing tribes. Distant sounds of the forest paints the canvas of a world untouched by modern man. The paleolithic shamans chant powerful over the tribal drums as ancient man rises from prey to predator. The night is young and the feral hunt is about to begin.

1. Call of Fire 03:27 video
2. Archaic Eon 06:46
3. Hunter II 06:45
4. Earthspirit 06:09
5. Eastern Tribes 08:37
6. Across the Mythic Ocean 08:20
7. Permafrost 06:37 

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