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6 years have passed since the last full length Terra Sancta release, and time has treated Australia’s preeminent dark ambient export well. Exile finds Greg Good revisiting some of the more orchestral elements that made up his Malignant debut, Aeon, but wrapping them up in the sweeping, sand blasted drones and windswept textures that defined the latter releases, Disintegration and the 2011’s CDEP, Sunken|Buried|Forgotten. The interplay is perfectly conceptualized and executed…immense, lightless ambience with piercing slivers of beauty and serenity breaking through dense clouds of swirling dust and monoliths of blackened synth hum. What has stayed constant is the massive scale in which Terra Sancta operates. This is at once majestic and panoramic, yet desolate and abyssal, drifting in varied and continuous shades of desert and earthen colors, the track titles revealing the nature of the sounds: Empire of Ashes..., ...Kingdom of Dust, Celestial Extinction (featuring Rasalhague), The Desolate Land, Descent II, Vanishing Point, End Path. In beautiful 6 panel eco-wallet designed by Kerry Braud (Rasalhague/Maculatum).

1 Empire Of Ashes... 7:18
2 ...Kingdom Of Dust 7:51
3 Celestial Extinction Featuring – Rasalhague 7:47
4 The Desolate Land 8:44
5 Descent II 11:17
6 Vanishing Point 11:50
7 End Path 3:46





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