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Wordclock hunts for the myths of old European sacred sites. 

Pedro's trail led him on a long journey through Porto, London and Berlin to record acoustic instruments and field recordings within the cities. 

During months of work in the studio more people joined. 

Amund Ulvestad on Cello and Electronics, who previously helped out on Wordclock's second album Self Destruction Themes. 

Nuno Craveiro on Scandinavian instrument Nyckelharpa. 

George Shmanauri on Trumpet, from dark atonal jazz duo Phonothek. 

The resulting album Heralds breaks the fringe of the genre and re-assembles the pieces. It reveals itself as a dreamlike, spiritual and nihilistic album. Classical instruments float on a backdrop of tape loops and organic sound. Sacrificial and Touching. 

1. Bell Ringing I 05:26
2. Bell Ringing II 05:37
3. Bell Ringing III 04:45
4. Beatrice's Euphoria 06:00
5. St. George 06:43
6. Where Mercy Lives 03:31
7. Thames Does Flow 02:54
8. Heralds 03:18 video

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