PROTU U / HILYARD Alpine Respire CD

PROTU U / HILYARD Alpine Respire CD

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ProtoU (Ukraine) and Hilyard (Maine, US) group up in this field recording heavy collaboration. 

Alpine Respire immerses you in field recordings from two continents. Warm drone contrasts raindrops and the call of animals in the wild. This damp album invites you to explore the unreachable corners of the Earth. From the harshest mountains to the darkest forests. 

Recommended for fans of Field Recording and slowly progressing drone. 

1. Alpine Respire 09:00 video
2. Blood Grass Sojourn 12:12
3. Cave Lights on the Bay of Bengal 07:03
4. Boreal Distillate 07:00
5. Final Refugium 08:50
6. Elwha Snowfinger 07:08

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