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8 years. Still locked inside. 

Sentenced to this prison of beeping machines and wires 

Forced to watch the world unfold from behind the veil of suspended hell 

Nobody ever expects to end up here. Not like this… 

God Body Disconnect presents us with the next chapter in his saga of a comatose man banished to the recesses of his tortured mind. 
The journey begins taking us back to the fateful night of his sentencing. Beyond the halls of beeping machines, whirling sirens echo in the distance. Blackened clouds grumble down a bitter melody of tears upon the streets. A single shot blares between your ears, dropping you to the bed of concrete below. Here we witness the transformation of a once awakened man turned to sleeping prisoner. 

Plunging deeper into the heart of the unconscious mind, the doors to a mysterious labyrinth emerge before us. From behind the towering walls, strange voices beckon us to enter. We insert and turn the key, unlocking a hidden portal to the past. A forgotten dimension, where once suppressed memories now filter through the lens of the surreal. This is the place where our darkest reflections go to hide. Self-perception is liquid here, and the emotional landscapes morph at will. 

Deep bass, ethereal guitar and post rock influences mixed with Vocal narration and Binaural field recordings, This album has it all. A sonic explosion of the senses and a deeply moving and personal experience brought to the microphone. 

1. Sleeper's Fate 06:42 
2. Halls of Disintegration 06:40
3. Reservoir Dreamer 08:23
4. Lair of the Dormant Host 05:16
5. Flesh of a Ghost 07:50
6. Drowning with God 10:29
7. The Portals Evolve 05:47

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