UGASANIE Call of the North CD

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Ugasanie known for his freezing desolate soundscapes is back with a new album taking us even further north to explore the concept of the unusual and mysterious phenomenon known as arctic hysteria (also known as menerik and the call of the North Star). It manifests itself only in the polar night, and only when the northern lights shine. Man, as if under hypnosis journeys north. In this state of trance he is almost impossible to stop, he becomes aggressive, sings a song, mumbles, experience hallucinations and persistently continues towards the polar star. It is not uncommon that these people end up freezing or starving to death. 

In track 5 the voice belongs to an old yakutish man. The recording was made during an attack of polar hysteria. This field recording was recorded in a Yakutia group of researchers led by Eduard Alekseev in the 60s.

1. Without the Sun 06:27
2. Pulsation 05:14
3. Aurora 07:09 video
4. Call of the North 09:06
5. Arctic Hysteria 06:13
6. In the Waves of Light 04:50
7. Freezing 08:00
8. Cold Wasteland 07:55

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