ALPHAXONE Chronosphere CD

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Alphaxone is back with a new futuristic album ripe with detailed space sounds 

The map is old and quite inaccurate. The slow creeping of years and centuries have wrought much change, even in these somnolent spires

As you stride amongst primeval pillars, covered in moss and lichen, the whimpering of old gods can be heard in the grey and listless heavens above. 

Their impotent tears spatter on your coat, each splash birthing translucent snakes, ever slithering southward to rest again in the blackened soil and mud. 

The shimmer that surrounds the crash site is unmistakable, imbuing the mists and rain with a sickly pallor. 
Dilapidated excavations loom around the edges of the gigantic crater, the darkness of their maws whispering of things best left buried. 
After a brief climb, your boots find firm purchase on the charred glass of the site. A shiver works its way down your spine as understanding arises in your cortex. 
You have arrived at the Chronosphere. 

Exploring particle storms, floating spheres and ancient grounds it invokes the key of old to unlock the future. 

With soothing synths, brooding space swells and mysterious overlays it comes highly recommended for fans of cinematic space ambient.

1. Reverse Echoes 07:12 
2. Delta Zero 07:14
3. Spellbound 06:35
4. Into the Void 07:20
5. Parallel Destiny 06:41
6. Distance Experience 06:55
7. Ancient Pillars 06:39
8. Particle Storm 06:28
9. Floating Spheres 03:55


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