V.A. DEGEM XV CD (marc behrens, fiebig, auf abwegen)

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Marc Behrens Clould (2nd Movement) 5:34
Dirk Reith Nested Loops V 7:10
Gerald Fiebig Pulsar 3:43
Jan Jacob Hofmann Coloured Dots And The Voids In Between 8:05
Gerald Eckert About Water II 8:01
Clarence Barlow 13C2=StFn 8:40
Sibylle Pomorin Raumklang 1 Und 2 4:59
Wilfried Jentzsch Bells Evolution 8:40
Martin Supper Lin T 4:34
Claudia Robles-Angel Blossoms 5:50
Hans Tutschku Remembering Japan - Teil 1

aufabwegen is proud to host EDITION DEGEM, the new label issuing the annual compilations of the German Association for Electrocaoustic Music / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik e.V. Each CD is curated by a sound artist and devoted to a specific theme/topic. The music covers a very wide range of electronic sounds, from sound art to post industrial cut ups, from field recordings and soundscapes to radiophonic composition.

Where do we direct our attention then,
which diretion shall the next step lead to?
I mean, to an abstract sound,
to a technology devoid of obstacles,
to a tonal non-delimination.

(Feruccio Busoni – Entwurf einer neuen Ästhetik der Tonkunst, 1907/1916).
In their work, artists often pursue their own issues, discover their own topics and
ways of looking at a problem and precisely because of that, with and within their
body of work, they are one with themselves.
Often those works are the ones which represent an artistic process that develops
over the years. And likewise, those are the ones which do not suit a predefined,
sometimes extramusical theme and cannot be subsumed to a seemingly prevalent

This XVth CD by the German Association of Electroacoustic Music (DEGEM)
therefore documents such works that appear significant to their composers as
defined by their own artistic choices.
It opens perspectives onto such individual compositional practice whose central
concern is the composition of sound, and which defines Electroacoustic Music as
style, not as technique.

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