IONOSPHERE Angular Momentum CD

IONOSPHERE Angular Momentum CD

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The debut album from 2004 of this German project. A giant sphere full of thick and brooding soundscapes with thunderous eruptions, imploding stars, ghostly voices, powerful machine noises and pulsing rhythms. IONOSPHERE probing the darkness until it´s deepest core! digipack LOKI/PAS 19


1 Transmission 4:34
2 2dF Void 5:51
3 Deep Interior Research 5:58
4 Through Silent Borders 3:53
5 Meta III 4:16
6 Gravitational Repulsion 5:11
7 Quantum Mechanics 4:12
8 Angular Momentum 4:39
9 Probing The Darkness 6:09
10 Another World 6:08


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