øjeRum Reversed Cathedral CD

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Using as sole sound source an antique German made Mannborg Harmonium, øjeRum skillfully crafted long drony melodic pieces filled with a sense of longing, of fading memories. Located in an old house in the Danish country side, in a room mostly left unused and only heated for special occasions, the harmonium has been affected by the dampness of its environment, causing it to slowly deteriorate and giving it a very unique sound and character. These attributes were accentuated and put forth with the choice of slow, repetitive passages, at times almost reaching a breaking point. We've packaged the whole in an A5 sleeve which features 6 collages from the Reversed Cathedral series. Another tour the force by this uncompromising and highly talented artist.

Edition of 300 copies, in 6 panel A5 sleeve. 12 Tracks.

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