SHRINE Quintessence CD

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Shrine debuts on Cryo Chamber with the wall of sound heavy album Quintessence 

In a world like this where the fundamentals of creation and the origin of life still remain beyond the scope of rational comprehension, this album will take you on a metaphysical journey into the primordial chaos of the building blocks of the Universe. It is based on the concept of the Four Elements - Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, plus the Fifth Element, Quintessence, which here represents the abiogenesis, and organic life itself. 

Each track is here named after a specific Element and the titles are in Old Greek with Latin transcription. A rich texture of field recordings play carefully against strange instruments and haunting voices against a massive wall of drone. 

1. Gaia 07:38 
2. Hydor 08:11
3. Aer 08:02
4. Pyr 08:53
5. Quintessence 08:36

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