GRIMBERGEN The Passing of Time CD

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“The Passing of Time” is the long-awaited second album of Northern English ambient industrial act Grimbergen, following the 2007 Steinklang Industries release, “A Lonely Place”.  A soundtrack to seven years of frustration and disappointment, isolation and rejection, misery and despair, this is a beautifully despondent hour of bass guitar drones, ritualistic percussion and atmospheric synths.  Mastered by Swedish dark ambient expert Peter Andersson, of Raison d’Etre fame and ending with a powerful remix by German experimentalists Mandelbrot, this is certainly deserving of a wider audience.  A lot of time has passed since work began on this album but it may well have been worth the wait.  Grimbergen is not dead!

1 Time     6:37
2 Filthy Sewers     7:38
3 Five Weeks To Go     7:37
4 The Unattainable Object     7:14
5 Let Out A Deep Sigh     6:48
6 Which Way Now?     7:58
7 Distance     10:37
8 Hunting (Slowly)     3:16
9 Unable To Escape (Mandelbrot remix)     5:30

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