HIJOKAIDAN Emergency Stairway To Heaven pic LP/CD

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Cold Spring are proud to announce the new studio album from the legendary Japanoise act Hijokaidan. The set arrives on luxurious 12” picture disc and CD – both formats have completely different audio! 12” Picture Disc: The new studio album, four slabs of unique sounds that only Hijokaidan can provide. In the studio – the full line-up of JOJO Hiroshige, T. Mikawa, Junko and Futoshi Okano. CD: Live at Uplink, Shibuya, 20th May 2014 – JOJO Hiroshige: synthesizer, T. Mikawa: electronics, Junko: screaming. Live at Chikusa-za, Nagoya, 21st Dec 2014 – JOJO Hiroshige: electric guitar, T. Mikawa: electronics, Junko: screaming, Futoshi Okano: drums. Ltd x 750 copies only!

Track listing:


A1. Emergency Stairway To Heaven Part 1
A2. Emergency Stairway To Heaven Part 2
A3. Emergency Stairway To Heaven Part 3
B1. Emergency Stairway To Heaven Part 4


1. Live At Uplink 20th May 2014
2. Live At Chikusa-Za 21st Dec. 2014

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