HILYARD Division Cycle CD

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Under the solemn gaze of Furthermore the gears of hatred and wrath grind down the bones of humanity into sustenance, digested deep within the bowels of the earth, where the roots of its ancient trees pull the flesh from the ramparts of civilization and giants move as clouds of remnant dust above the lungs of the Internal Forest. Beneath our feet the earth quakes with hunger below, awaiting the spoils of The Division Cycle to rain down and fertilize the Innermore landscape. 

1. Division Cycle 05:04
2. Equal Segments 06:24
3. of Hatred and Wrath 04:50
4. Altars of Warflesh 06:21
5. Feed the Earth 04:45
6. Roots and Bones 05:28
7. Heartwood Reverie 04:58
8. Abandoned the Ramparts 06:36
9.  to the Warmth of Pyres (feat Dronny Darko & ProtoU ) 08:38

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