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Vinyl edition!

Randal Collier-Ford returns to Cryo Chamber with Advent, a worldbuilding heavy dark industrial sci-fi ambient album with a massive booklet. 

"A world separated from natural law, emerged among the forests of South America. Research expeditions had shown the on-site flora and fauna to be mutated from local strains and species, with most, if not all fauna showing aggressive hostility towards expedition personnel. The atmosphere showed rich pockets of methane gases, in addition to unidentified gases composed of elements not yet discovered. This, in turn, has turn the soil black, moist with an acidic agent, yet soft as flesh under the feet. 

The distance revealed multiple strange structure, many illuminated by climbing fires. Between these structures, beasts of unknown shapes shift between the oddly colored nature, barking horrible noises in their dark world. Beyond the structures, however, towering shadows stalk the skyline just outside of the light. Titans of absurd shapes, bellowing thunderous calls one could only describe as not of this world. 

What sort of world has appeared so suddenly, without warning or cause? These hellish shapes define all understanding of natural order. Why are they here? And what lies among these structures, wherein beating drums shake the earth?"

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