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The fourth part in the LOKI/PAS label series! Tracks taken from latest releases plus 3 tracks from forthcoming albums and a mindblowing live version
 of Bad Sectors AMPOS which is unreleased so far.


001 NORTHAUNT If Only My Heart Were Stone (excerpt)
002 CIRCULAR Retreat From Reality
003 INADE The Collision Of Conscience
004 HERBST9 Kima Šuškalli Ukattimanni Šittu
005 FJERNLYS Revelation
006 S.E.T.I. Powder Canyon
007 BAD SECTOR Ampos - Live
008 FIRST LAW Low Spirits Meme (excerpt)
009 PREDOMINANCE Pandemonia Dawning
010 IONOSPHERE Polarized Light
011 SVARTSINN Ashes Of The Late World (excerpt)
012 LAND:FIRE Causing
013 BAD SECTOR October 4, 1957
014 S.E.T.I Final Trajectory (excerpt)

001 from The Borrowed World CD & LP   PAS 34
002 from Radiating Perpetual Light CD LOKI 59
003 from Audio Mythology Two CD & LP LOKI 60
004 from Ušumgal Kalamma 2xCD LOKI 56
005 from forthcoming album
006 from Baikal CD PAS 31
007 unreleased live version / original track from Ampos CD PAS 17
008 from A Future so Bright CD LOKI 58
009 from forthcoming album
010 from forthcoming album
011 from The Borrowed World CD & LP  PAS 34
012 from Incandescent Sonic Lodge CD PAS 36
013 from Kosmodrom 2xCD PAS 33
014 from Final Trajectory CD PAS 35


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