IONOSPHERE Nightscape / Angular Momentum 2xCD

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Eight years since the last release in 2007, Ionosphere has now returned with its third full length album. It follows the path of previous works focusing on deep, shivering, cosmic sound waves and moves further with the inclusion of an emotional core. Expansive drones, drifting melodic soundscapes, ominous sonic undertones and vocal transmissions intersect with densely concentrated rhythmic pulsations that emphasize the sculptural nature and deep atmospheric scope of the 11 tracks.'Nightscape' is a soundtrack that transports the listener on an epic journey far away into spaces and environments where lights and noises move and circulate slowly while the night embraces everything.

Comes in elegant 6-panel digi-sleeve


Watch the World
Polarized Light
Radio Altitude
Vast Winds From Beyond
Ephemeral Lights
The Silence Underneath
Orbit Determination
Xi Scorpii
Sagan Station
Into Endless Night


IONOPHERE Angular Momentum CD

The debut album from 2004 of this German project. A giant sphere full of thick and brooding soundscapes with thunderous eruptions, imploding stars, ghostly voices, powerful machine noises and pulsing rhythms. IONOSPHERE probing the darkness until it´s deepest core! digipack LOKI/PAS 19


1 Transmission 4:34
2 2dF Void 5:51
3 Deep Interior Research 5:58
4 Through Silent Borders 3:53
5 Meta III 4:16
6 Gravitational Repulsion 5:11
7 Quantum Mechanics 4:12
8 Angular Momentum 4:39
9 Probing The Darkness 6:09
10 Another World 6:08

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