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The follow up to the album 2145 takes us to the second year after our protagonist awakens from deep hibernation sleep to a world in ruins.
Seeking signs of life he encounters the illuminated cities still powered by automated energy and its robotic inhabitants moving with pointless tasks void of meaning. Simon Heath takes us to a cold place of nuclear winters and lost hope in this genre bending release.

The release comes with a 4 page digibooklet.


1. Through the Gates 04:24
2. Inner Sanctum 07:28
3. Scanning for Life Forms 05:29
4. Power Cell 03:54
5. Exo Suit 06:55
6. Graveyard of Broken Machines 05:08
7. My New Best Friend 03:17
8. Planetarium 05:00
9. Deep Within 03:23
10. My Dying Robot 04:31
11. End Me 03:39


Label: Cryo Chamber

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