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In 2020 Martin Stürtzer started the "Stay at Home" online concert series in which he played improvised sessions from his studio. The shows got the attention of over 100,000 viewers who experiences Martin´s unique approach to Ambient, Berlin School sequencing and Dub Electronica. 
Following the acclaimed albums "Farcaster" and "Far Beyond the Stars" Martin starts 2021 with "Temporal Anomaly". 

The album features seven compositions for synthesizers and sequencers. The CD album version contains the bonus track "Tachyon", previously released on the digital release "The Omarion Nebula".

Recorded between September and November 2020 in Wuppertal Elberfeld 

Used gear: 
Oberheim Xpander 
Waldorf Iridium 
Waldorf Microwave 1 
Sequential Rev2 
Moog Sub37 
Arturia Microfreak 
Makenoise 0-Coast 
Mutable Instruments / Intellijel 

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