COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER Shrines For The Unwanted, Respite For The Cast CD

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Within “Shrines For The Unwanted, Respite For The Cast Aside”, bone, antler and voice produce connective threads between the worlds, as guitar and percussion punctuate shifts in mood. Voices call to the spirits, and the spirits call back in return. Recorded in 2016 during four private, collective only rituals, the pieces pull the listener through the darkest and most overgrown trails of the blackest forest. Monumental and horizonless ritualistic black ambience. Vocal visitations by A.C. Way of Sutekh Hexen.

Common Eider, King Eider is headed by Rob Fisk (ex-Deerhoof), Andee Connors (A Minor Forest, legendary aQuarius boss).

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